We are committed to deliver world class services in the field of Detailed Project report preparing, detailed design & drawing, project management consultancy, Geotechnical consultancy, Laboratory & Field Testing. We not only provide the services but also educate organizations to leverage them better along with the simplified useable documentation.

Detailed Project Report

  • Involves Survey & Investigation and preparation of DPR
  • Topographical survey and other required surveys.
  • Field Test and Laboratory test.
  • Analysis based on survey and Investigation.
  • Preparation of Alignments, GADs etc.
  • Preparation of Estimates.
  • Financial Analysis if required
  • Final Reports

Preparation of Detailed Design and Drawing

Involves Detailed Designing and Drawings for the following works:

  • Bridges, Flyovers, ROBs and Metros
  • Highway Alignments, Profiles cross sections etc.
  • EPC and BOT projects.
  • Building works.

Project Management Consultancy

  • Topographical survey and other required surveys.
  • Day to Day supervision
  • Contractual Assistance to Client
  • Technical Solutions to various problems in ongoing projects
  • Assistance in Planning for the successful completion of projects.

Geotechnical Consultancy

  • Geotechnical Investigation.
  • Laboratory Testing.
  • Report preparation.
  • Retaining schemes and Anchor Designs.
  • Plate load and Plate bearing Test.

Laboratory and Field Testing

  • Static Pile Load test.
  • Dynamic Pile Load Test.
  • Pile Integrity Test.
  • Plate load and Plate bearing Test.
  • CBR Test in Laboratory.
  • Benklemann Beam Testing
  • Traffic Survey.
  • Electrical Resistivity Test.
  • Laboratory Test on Soil and Rock.